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Who Is This Geek?





The name “Game Boy Geek” is the merging of two aspects from Dan’s life:


When Dan was a youngster, he would walk around the house with a stack of games in his hands--sometimes the stack was higher than eye level. He would ask every person he came across, “Wanna play a game?” He was dubbed the “Game Boy” and it has stuck with him all his life, since his love for games has never ended. This pre-dates the Nintendo Gameboy's release in 1989, so his Dad now calls him "The Original Game Boy".


Fast forward. Dan graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in electrical engineering. Once in the workforce, he obtained Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certifications. Essentially Six Sigma uses statistical methods to streamline and/or solve any technical- or business-related problems or processes without approaching defects (99.99966% of the time).


Combining his love for games with his engineering and Six Sigma background, Dan uses these unique skills when reviewing and creating his own strategies for games. This approach helps game lovers of all ages enjoy their games even more, by understanding the game at a much deeper level, while learning how to apply mathematics, statistics, and logic to everyday life.


Hear About Dan's Purpose for Everything He Does with Games
How Dan Got Started Reviewing Games

Here is a 5 min interview from the Secret Cabal Gaming  Podcast where Dan tells a heart moving human interest story of how he started reviewing board games. 












You can listen to the whole episode here


Here is the 5 min video that Dan references in the interview






















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