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For Publishers

In addition to reviews, The Game Boy Geek also offers different services that may help you catapult your game into record breaking sales. Send him details using this contact form regarding the game and which service(s) you are interested in described below!









Video Production


Want a high quality, high energy preview for your

Kickstarter project? Dan has completed over 150

videos for Kickstarter and can make sure

your project page looks great with his polished

look and clear and consise gameplay explanations.

Here is an example of what a preview looks like.





























































The Game Boy Geek explains games better than anyone I have ever seen! - Karl Fenner - Common Man Games


The Game Boy Geek's game explanations are the clearest and easiest to understand. Yves - Hurrican Games


Dan Brilliantly described the core & spirit of our game (Swords & Bagpipes). He also helped us improve the game rules significantly - Denis Davydov - Hobby World Games


Dan King’s Rules Schools Videos have been an integral part of our marketing strategy. They are thorough, well crafted, and perfect for helping players get games on the table as fast as possible. Dan is incredibly easy to work with and is always willing to quickly make small changes, ensuring his videos are accurate, concise, and delivered on time.  Highly recommended.

Sara Erickson

Director of Sales and Marketing

Renegade Game Studios


I’ve worked on several projects with Dan, and his enthusiasm for gaming is contagious, and he has been a pleasure to work with. He's very responsive and has always been able to meet (and usually exceed) tight deadlines. The quality of the end product is always outstanding, and we're looking forward to working with Dan on many projects in the future.

Ted Alspach


Bezier Games


Dan King’s Rules School videos are a fantastic asset to our growing line of game videos. The 1 min overview in particular has served us so well for so many vendors. It’s an absolute thrill to work with Dan - he is quick, detail oriented and proactive, truly caring what the designer and production team want to see in every game on screen.

Peter Vaughan

Director of Game Development

Breaking Games by AdMagic


Dan produces high quality how to play videos that effectively teach our games and present them in the best possible way. Dan is open to feedback and makes changes quickly based on our feedback. I can’t recommend working with Dan enough on his Rules School videos.

Kirk Dennison

Piecekeeper Games


"Dan puts careful thought into making it easy for others to learn our games.  I know our customers value his approach to teaching games and that helps them make an informed purchase decision."

Kevin Nesbit

Mercury Games


Selecting which reviewers to work with is a tough decision. You do not look at subscribers or viewers or numbers. It has to do with trust. With knowing that you will work with someone who you can talk to, discuss, explain and understand your project. Someone who even if he has not time he will make time for you. Someone who will do the edits you need to have. Someone who you will know he will deliver. You do not need someone. You need Dan. This is why Dreamcraft Games will always work with the Gameboygeek!

-Dreamcraft Games - Theosis


The Game Boy Geek is fantastic to work with. He is professional, responsive to emails, and really gets to know your game. It is clear that he puts a lot of time and effort into creating Preview Videos and this is reflected in the final product. I am so pleased with the result of our video, how easy it was to work with him through a couple of edits, and the speed in which he delivered the content. This is our first Kickstarter campaign and Dan willingly answered our questions and made the whole process seamless. I would work with him again in an instant and highly recommend his services.


Christine Tompa,

Build-iT With Bryan Team’


Being a first time publisher is not easy and every bit of support is crucial. Especially when it comes from already established names like Dan King from The Game Boy Geek. 

Unlike many others, Dan responded to my preview request in a supportive and enthusiastic way, which was really refreshing and motivating. 

His responsiveness and openness for preview edits were highly professional and he finished the video days before a deadline. He will be first on my contact list for the next one!

Mitja Žibert

RealGrin Games














Rule Book Consulting

Rulebooks are scary! It's a hurdle to get people to play your game, so why not have one that is clear and concise for a first time player to your game? 

Dan helped re-write the 2nd edition for the award winning co-op game Police Precinct. He can help yours too! See a sample of the difference here.



"Mock" Reviews 

Want Dan's opinion on your new game? He will play test it with his group and give you a full report as to what he likes, and what can be improved. Think of it as a private review before you go to publication with it.











Pre-Sale Previews

About to launch your pre-sale campaign? What a better way to get customers to pull the trigger than with a high quality, high energy look at your advanced production copy (or proto-type). Showing off the components & watching Dan's clear and concise gameplay explanations will surely help your sales.










2-Min Sales & Marketing Videos

With so many games flooding the market, it’s imperative to have a quick and easy way for people to find out what your game is about, and why they would want to buy it. My 2-minute sales & marketing videos do just that.

Here is an example that you can place on your website, online store (like Amazon), social media and more!











Rules School (How to Play)

Forget the rules, let Dan teach the game to your clients. He has learned and taught hundreds of games and will teach yours in the most efficient and easy to learn way

imaginable. You can use this video in your marketing, and even with a QR code in your rule book!





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