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Games for Africa














Some things to remember:

1) These donations can only be accepted at the two locations below & please ship them by 12/18/2015 to ensure they are there by the end of the year. (unfortunately we don't have any locations outside of the U.S.)


2) The primary language in Chad, Africa is French. Therefore games with French rules are best. However there are translators out in the field in some villages that do speak English. Therefore, don't disregard a game if you only have English rules.


3) Even though the kids will be from young to teens, please only include simple children's games since even the older kids are far less developed educationally than teenagers you might be used to in your neighborhoods.


4) Do NOT include any games that have military, magic, or violence in them.



Here are the Donation #'s you should write on the outside of the shipping box depending on which location you will be sending to.


Please reference # P0000364 when shipping to:
World Vision Distribution Center
210 Overlook Dr.
Sewickley, PA 15143
Attention: Jeff Fields
Office phone: 412-259-6021
Please reference # P0000354 when shipping to:
World Vision / Denver Distribution Center
11000 East 40th Ave.
Denver, CO 80239
Attention: Alison Arosemena
720-374-0658 – ext. 7418
If you would like to submit paperwork to get your own donation #, download this form and email it to
If you have any further questions you can submit those here.


Your details were sent successfully!

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